• search engine optimization (seo)
  • system analysis and design
  • information development
  • database development
  • quality assurance
  • system development
  • application development
  • embedded development
  • web development
  • flash/flex development
  • user interface & web design
  • deployment and support services


The main priority of SBND Technologies Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists is to achieve consistent high positions in organic search engine results and to keep the website perfect reputation both for users and for the search systems. To do this, we use an individual approach based on our experience and knowledge of search engines.


The most critical part of our work is to gather the detailed clients’ requirements and all available information. After that, the collected information is broken down in different pieces to analyze the situation and the project goals. Based on this, the development team decides what needs to be created and formulates a list of definite requirements. The findings are then used as a base for the creation of the system design.

The system design provides detailed description of the function and operations, business rules, process diagrams, screenshots, and other documentation.


Our information developers (technical writers) cover the process of design, creation, and management of the technical documentation.

We cover the different types of documentation (white papers, design specifications, online help, user guides, system manuals, etc.) required by various types of target audience (business, technical, consumer, etc.).


Our team of database developers allows us to choose the most appropriate database type, model and structure. They provide expertise and guidance in the design, implementation and maintenance of database management systems.


We are using wide range of techniques and approaches to evaluate the different aspects of the software solutions.

Depending on the current goals and scope we perform specific testing types – unit, integration, performance, regression, automation, black box, white box, system defect, etc.


We offer our customers a wide range of software development services for operating systems. Our System Programming Department has many years of experience in system and low-level programming for UNIX, Linux, Windows, Mac OS and FreeBSD.


Our solutions are based upon in-depth knowledge of operating systems, databases, data transmission, storing and presentation algorithms, technologies of an optimal knowledge base creation, and building the best indexes and keys for it.

All our solutions can be integrated with the existing hardware and software of our customers’ enterprise.


SBND Technologies has extensive experience in the software development for external and add-in devices, including the development of computer components and network equipment.

We possess the required technical skills to develop software for smart phones and tablets.


Web development is a far more complicated concept than just web site creation. This term also implies system architecture development, web design and interactive graphical user interface development, remote and multi-user access tools development, and other business application integration tasks.

Today our customers look for complete business solutions which not only facilitate their work, but also serve as an independent source of income and progress their companies.


SBND’s Technologies flex developers have a rich experience in the application of various graphical and multimedia tools to make our customers’ projects unique and successful.


We have extended experience in creating user interface concepts and web design. Following closely all current trends in this field, we offer contemporary up to date graphics for software, apps, or websites.

  • iPhone / Android / Windows phone app design
  • User interface design of web and desktop applications
  • SharePoint theme design
  • Custom Web design
  • WordPress theme design
  • eCommerce theme design
  • Custom icon set design
  • Redesign of existing software, app, or website
  • Graphic design of marketing materials
  • Graphic slicing and optimization


SBND Technologies will install and configure applications based on the specific needs of the user community of our customers.

For unique environments, we build custom installers which allow the productive deployment of software across enterprise.

We provide high quality software development services, covering the most used programming languages & platforms.

SBND Technologies uses up-to-date software development tools and technologies, the latest project management techniques and software engineering practices, thus meeting the many IT challenges of our customers.

We have years of cross-industry expertise in building customized enterprise applications to automate business processes and improve operational efficiency and management effectiveness. SBND has successfully developed software in:

  • Mission critical projects: banking, telecoms, large enterprise systems;
  • Server side: Application server development, Plug-ins & Add-ons;
  • Desktop: Rich clients for N-tier systems;
  • Portal , E-commerce, CRM,MIS, LOB, BI, Document Management & Workflow;
  • Social Networking, Blog& Wiki, Forums;
  • Mobile: Enterprise, social, entertainment apps;
  • Embedded: Automotive , industrial &machinery software;